Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two for the price of one....

ZOMG!!!! TWO BLOG POST in one day? lol, hey, i gotta make it up to you guys.... got 2 minutes? Check out the Miami Caliente' interview with Deco Drive!

Who luvs ya, baby?

Something to make you giggle.....

Yeah, yeah, I've been avoiding my duties of manning this blog, but I come bearing gifts!!! Okay, well, just one. It's a funny, kinky, sexy Dr. Seuss Poem written by some of the hottest models I know... here goes.....

The Cat in the Hat Comes Over For a Nightcap

by Alisha King and Victoria Vertuga- Glam

"Nicole takes off her hot pink blouse.
Alisha nibbles, like a mouse.
They're swinging from the chandelier.
It's times like this that I wish I were queer." ....

Nicole and Alisha pounce and play
Jolly good fun, I must say
There's a knock on the door
Who dares to intrude
But Will Springfield, and a tube of lube!

"A tube of lube?", Alisha coo's,
She'd rather that he brought some booze.
You see, Nicole has got her going...
With lots of lubrication flowing.

If it is booze you desire, do not fear
For Melissa and her Jack Daniels are near
Ding Dong Ding Dong, the door bell rings
Melissa stands there in a hot pink g-string

The more the merrier, everyone knows
So now just like the lube, the booze flows
Alisha, Nicole, Melissa, Will
Oh my oh my! What a thrill!

Will ponders, "What am I to do?"...
He hasn't got the slightest clue.
What to do?! What to do, with that whole tube of Lube?!
"Aha!", Springy said, then he lubed up a boob.

1 bewb down, but 5 to go
The lube will be gone before you know
With so many bewbs, and so little lube
They made a call to you know who

Then reinforcements were on the way
For soon through the door would strut Ransom J
With tons of lube and booze galore
The evening had so much more in store.

There are boobs! There are legs! There are body parts flashing!
A wild festivity, thrusting and thrashing.
I hear moans, groans, and smacking, and noises galore!
I hear thudding, and bamming, and a KNOCK at the door!

Knock, knock, dingdong,
Oh my, who could it be?
"Let us in!"...
In came Stella, in came Nicci, and in came EbBY!!!

Stella has arrived, she's the new girl in town
Once you see her booty, you'll need to sit down
So awesome is it, you'll be struck dumb
And want to shower her with lots of funds

Don't bother tossing dollars of one
With those little things I have no fun
Give me some diamonds
A fur, and a ring
I'll make my booty bounce
And your heart, it will sing

There is no present too lavish, no price too high
To hear her ass clap, like thunder in the sky
To smack her ass and watch it jiggle
You will surely have yourself a giggle

And if it's bewbs that are your thing
In chesticles she's not lacking
From the front or from the back
That lady Stella Dean is stacked

What other joy could this rendezvous bring?
"Well," sighed Alisha,
"There is just one thing"...
As I sit here, just wondering, what could this thing be?
I was SMACKED on the ass!
"We must have our VV!!"

Stephy C, she came late
But now everyone will masturbate
To the smokin hot pics takin by Philipe
ZOMG, what a special treat big_smile

A most wonderful sight!
It just could not get better!
It could not get hotter...
It could not get wetter.

No matter your flavor, no matter your style
There is something for everyone, at this slumber party gone wild
If you say you're not interested, you must be in denial
For everyone in attendance, will leave with a smile!