Thursday, May 22, 2008

California Love

So I'm back in Miami after a killer shoot in Cali. I was fortunate enough to shoot with Nicolaas de Bruin & Melita, Lady Sweet Face Photography and Eric Haywood Photography. Man, I had a blast with all three AND their make up artist, What's more important is that I learned a lot. Not just about modeling but about myself. I like modeling. Don't mistake what I'm saying here, I'm just so used to focusing on Acting that I never really gave modeling a full chance. I did a self analysis of my "look" and my height figured I'd probably suck at it and didn't focus the energy into it. Oh but I had so much fun! And more importantly, I liked the glamour work that I did. Commercial work comes easy for me. I'm always laughing and moving around and that makes it an easy capture for me. But glamour? Ahhhh that's a whole different ball game. No smiles just seduction. I don't think I've ever gone 3 hours with out smiling (unless I was sleeping or attending a funeral). It was hard not to "think" of poses and just move.... Nicolaas was great, being the former international model that he is, he was more than willing to help me out on posing. He also let me know which poses sucked ass big time all while making me laugh. Could this be the start of a new venture for me? Acting is my one true love but I kinda feel like I wanna explore this new artistic outlet. This comes as no surprise to me, however. Even in acting, I always go after the non characteristic roles. The bitch, the psycho, the seductress, the assassin, but never the girl next door role that would easily fit me. I got a kick out of doing the seductive shot. One thing is for sure: I'd better step my game up. Not everyone will be as nice as Nicolaas. I've got a long way to go before anyone would mistake me for "sexy", lol.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've missed you guys! Man I have so much to vent about. I'll be updating accordingly.....