Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ka - Ching!

I'm so excited! So the money I made from my first print ad (Star Beer Nigeria) has arrived! yay! Why am I excited, you ask? Because now, I have enough money for my hotel and flight to Cali! When! Glad that's out of the way! I am going to put it in my saving account and NOT touch it! I have a call back for another KFC commercial tomorrow (lol, i guess that liked the first one- hell, i need a demo reel of that commercial too) so hopefully, I will book the gig. All of my bookings from now until 2009 are going to go to saving up for that trip. I'm excited.... It's getting closer! Not to mention I'm still awaiting for payment for 2 other jobs (AutoNation and Ped-Egg). I do not have a game plan for when I get over there. Outside of eating Roscoe's of course. But I know I want to work with Will and Sita for sure. Add to that, I will be annoying the hell out of Nadirah and Eric and who knows what other havoc and mayhem I can cause in their town. I do want to hit a few agencies and have them "give it to me straight" so I can get my shit together and relocate. But there are other circumstances that that come into play as well. Should I make a demo reel of work complete thus far? And What about Las Vegas? I'll see how much a connecting flight will cost because I want to shoot with Ransom and party with 2 of my closest friends that live out there. Many this trip is getting costly. I better hurry up and get back to saving. One thing's for sure, this is gonna be one HELL of a trip. On the surface, it seems like business but when I look at this time concept, it sounds like a whole lotta partying to me! :D


MDiva said...

Um, excuse me. When are you going to Cali?