Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why Halle Berry is my Idol.....

For the record, she always was. I've always loved her. When I had short hair, it was her picture I took to the salon. When I wanted long and curly hair (*cough*weave*cough), it was her picture I took to the salon. Now that I have a more natural (albeit darker than my own) brown color hair, you guessed it.... I took her picture to the salon. I've always loved her as an actress and a person. She just seems so beautiful and so real. She's always been the actress I've wanted to mold my career after. I STUDIED her interview on Inside The Actor's Studio. No one is perfect (except for like De Niro who I've never seen make a bad movie, lol); of course a few of her movies have been awarded Razzies but she keeps on trying. I soooooo heart her.

But this video totally made my day. When I grow up, I want someone to create a dance about me too! lol.