Saturday, September 5, 2009

So many updates, so little time...

if ANYONE is still following this blog, my apologies for not keeping you updated.... i'm literally getting ready to run out of the door now. you demand updates and i shall comply. please stay tuned. i love you all.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lol, i have a twitter.....

and i have no idea why, lmfao!

Friday, May 8, 2009

You think you know me? You have no idea! lmfao!

Ok, maybe you do, lol. Thanks to that other Sex Kitten Alisha King, I decided to do this one. Seems fun. Here goes:

What got you into acting?

I did it as a kid. I loved it, and it was always fun to try to bring someone that is on paper to life and have an audience being and understand what the person you created is going through.

What are your biggest assets as a actress?

I have BIG, round, symmetrical... eyes. My bewbs are big, too.... heh heh. (yeah I couldn't top that answer so I kept it)

Tell us why you're sexy.

Someone told you I was sexy? Were they mad at you? Why would they lie like that? You should go kick their ass....

Where can we see you, and where do we recognize you from?

Probably at an all you can eat buffet.

What part of you do people compliment you on the most?

My eyes. And then they ask are they real. Go figure.

What part of you would you want men to compliment you on more?

My quick wit. I work very hard at being a smart ass and I've like a little acknowledgment over here.

How can a guy get your attention? And how can he keep it?

Bribe me with chocolate and good brownies. He could probably make a trail of them straight to his house and keep me there forever- or at least until he runs out.

(Being that we're in a recession and all)What date could a guy take you on for $50 or less, that would still make you happy?

The beach. When all else fails, take me to the beach. That and rent as many indie horror films as possible and order a good pizza and that would REALLY make me smile...

Are you an indoors kind of girl, or an outdoors kind of girl?

Depends. Indoor malls have a/c but outdoor malls like Bal Harbour are just as awesome. Wait- was that what you were referring to?

If you could be with any celebrity, who would it be?

Hmm..... so many hotties, so little time....

Do you believe in Astrology? If so, what's your sign?

Yes... I'm a Sag. ALL THE WAY, lol, just look:

"This is a cheerful, spontaneous, and idealistic individual with an exceptional sense of humor. Though there is not a malicious bone in his body, Sagittarius often suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome, giving honest assessments where a little tact might suit the situation better, then dancing merrily away with nary a thought as to how his comments have negatively affected others. Though not considered particularly deep by friends and acquaintances, Sagittarius does think deeply about the big picture, such as why he is here and where he is going, and can often see the end results with almost prophetic accuracy. As a lifelong seeker of knowledge, Sagittarius will likely be quite well-read in a variety of subjects, and will be equipped with a well-developed philosophy in which he maintains unshakable faith. Sagittarians retain almost a child-like quality throughout their lives, always remaining optimistic and never fully accepting the seriousness inherent in day-to-day living. Obviously, this degree of child-like naivety coupled with borderline reckless spontaneity can and does cause problems for some Sagittarius individuals, but if things don't turn out well, they will dust themselves off and cheerfully jump to their next adventure without any serious regrets. "

Told you. lol.

Do you ever predict the outcome of future events?

On good days. I have Deva Vu a lot and I see things sometimes.... but that's for another blog...

What does the 7th text in your phone say?

"You will be charged $1.50 for your next message from Sexy Lexxxi at Late night Lust Connections.
Please text 696969 to accept." (that was too funny not to keep)

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Because a man will always chase a woman until she catches him......

Tell us something you've done that your mother would NOT want to know about.

HELL NAW! you're trying to get my ass kicked! Did she put you up to this? Is this a set up? This interview is over!

So I was bored and decided you guys should know stuff about me....

Silly stuff, but stuff still...


"Deep thoughts, or not"

What was your first thought when you awoke?:WHY am I up so early?

Who knows you best in this world?:God? Can I put God?

How would your mother/father describe you?:Happy

What's something you've said to someone you wished you could take back?:"I'll see you later"

What are the three top qualities your friends like about you?:Silly, Happy, Dorky

What is one of your secret pleasures that might surprise people?:I love the Investigation Channel....

What's something you don't want to live without?:Chocolate

If you could tell someone off, who would it be and what would you say?:Depends. How much time do you have?

Do you believe you have a destiny or is life just random?:Warning: Answer varies depending upon sobriety.

If you could only choose one favorite sense...touch, taste, smell, sight, or hearing?:Taste. I'm always hungry, lol.

If your friends had to name an animal to describe you, what would they choose?:Pomeranian

What do you want to accomplish today?:I already have my to do list created.

Who do you dream about the most?:Naughty stuff.

What makes you happy?:Having fun with people that matter the most.

What makes you sad?:Not being able to have a mango smoothie.

What's one question you would like to ask the person who sent this to you?:Can I have $20?

What occupies your mind most of the day?:Food.

How do you want to die?:In a blaze of glory fighting zombies and vampires.

How do you want to live?:Doing what makes me happy (Probably fighting zombies and vampires)

Who do you hope is always a part of your life?:My grandmommy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who's MUTT do I have to hold hostage to get a SAG Voucher around here?!?!?!?


Friday, April 10, 2009

I'll get you next time, evil mailman....

I don't know when or what spawned this sudden hatred and animosity toward the mail man, but I find it high-larry-us. Every day, at the same time he sits... and waits.... and patiently looks out the window. Waiting with bated breath similar to that of a hit man or an assassin cautiously awaiting the arrival for their intended target..... It is Booger and it is also time for another show down. I assume this mail man should pray to every God above and thank them because this hound from hell is properly secured within these four walls.... for now, anyway...

But, yes, he waits.... waiting for the day of blessed human error where I absentmindedly forget to closed the door, freeing him from this cage we humans call a "house" so that he can attack his prey as if it were a tribute to Cerberus, the three headed dog of Hades.....

Oh yes, evil mail man, be afraid......your demise is on the horizon and death is imminent.

Hell hath no fury..... like a 5 pound Pomeranian....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why Halle Berry is my Idol.....

For the record, she always was. I've always loved her. When I had short hair, it was her picture I took to the salon. When I wanted long and curly hair (*cough*weave*cough), it was her picture I took to the salon. Now that I have a more natural (albeit darker than my own) brown color hair, you guessed it.... I took her picture to the salon. I've always loved her as an actress and a person. She just seems so beautiful and so real. She's always been the actress I've wanted to mold my career after. I STUDIED her interview on Inside The Actor's Studio. No one is perfect (except for like De Niro who I've never seen make a bad movie, lol); of course a few of her movies have been awarded Razzies but she keeps on trying. I soooooo heart her.

But this video totally made my day. When I grow up, I want someone to create a dance about me too! lol.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm in one of those moods.....

It's Nine in the morning and I could sure as hell use a Strawberry Mango Margarita with extra triple sec and double tequila. It's not that I'm depressed and that I'm an alcoholic but it's already like 90 million fucking degrees outside so naturally it feels like it's around 3 or 4 pm already. I've been feeling pretty blah these past days and I don't know why. I think about a lot of stuff but then again, I have a short attention span so my mind always seems to wander....

But yeah, I'm in one of my moods. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, be bored or be spontaneous. I'm just...."blah"...... ugh, and i fucking HATE IT. It's not in my nature to be sad; right now, I really do just want to go lay on the beach *cough*and order that margarita*cough* and relax until I have to go to work. And while I know that will please me and make me smile immensely, I know the sadness or "blah" feeling will come back. I know what it is. I know what's bothering me.... It's being idle. I loathe being idle. As an artist- actually, scratch that, as a person EVERYONE needs a creative outlet. Mine is acting. I need to be on a set, a stage, anything! I need to be doing something.... I hate just sitting in my house waiting for the next audition. Things aren't moving fast enough for me. I may just start doing extra work again because at least I was happy being on a set. Networking and being around like minded individuals. Artist. Creative people. I need to make some moves.

This is not me giving up nor is this me losing hope because so much is happening for me, but I want more.... I need more.... It's like... Acting is my Addiction....and right now..... i'm itching for another hit.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So I found another one of my commercials....

hmmm, now how in the hell do I get it off their site? anyway, check it out! who loves ya baby!